If you're considering taking part in a Duke of Edinburgh expedition any time soon, then you'll need the correct kit for the task. Our site has a section specifically for D of E items, here's a quick run-down of some of the products we offer.

Trekking long distances in mountainous terrain is not something to be attempted in everyday shoes or trainers, so you'll need specialised footwear to maintain a good grip on all surfaces and avoid blisters. Our Grisport Ascent Hiking boots are lightweight and breathable, ideal for any D of E expedition. The Grisport Peaklander Waterproof Leather Walking Boots are a good choice in colder and wetter conditions.

Highlander is a well established brand of quality sleeping bags, and you can choose between their 3 season or heavier 4 season bags on our site, depending on what time of year you're making your trip. A sleeping mat makes for a more comfortable nights sleep, and sleeping bag liners can be added.

You can never be sure of weather conditions ahead of time, so it's wise to take a warm, waterproof jacket. The Regatta Magnitude is a great value option, being both lightweight and breathable.


It's always advisable to take a map and compass on an expedition, especially when orienteering. The Highlander Roamer map case will keep your map dry in all conditions and their Deluxe Map Compass makes finding your bearings a breeze.

These are just some of the products available from the Army and Navy Stores to make your Duke Of Edinburgh expedition safer, easier and more enjoyable. Browse the site or drop into our Heswall shop to see everything we have to offer.