Attention all Cadets!! Are you a new Cadet? Are you thinking about joining the Cadets, or just about to join? You may be given a uniform and a bit of kit, but you will need to buy extra gear to supplement your standard issue. Cadets usually join around the age of  13 and carry on through to 18 years old, so it is essential to get the right advice when buying your personalised kit to make sure it is
fit for purpose. If you are joining a group in Wirral, Liverpool or Merseyside then there is a full range of Cadet equipment from Heswall Army and Navy Stores in the shop or you can buy online.

Cadet Kit

Whether you are looking to join as an Army Cadet, an Air Cadet, Sea Cadet, Royal Marine Cadet or joining the school Combined Cadet Force (CCF), as a new Cadet you will want to supplement your kit. Clothing the right size, footwear that is comfortable and equipment fit-for- purpose will make your time as a cadet so much more enjoyable. Cadet Kit often bought can include:

  • Camoflage Jackets – correct fitting, warm and waterproof
  • Patrol Boots and Parade Shoes – correctly fitted and comfortable
  • Rucksacks – Fully adjustable fitting and the correct size
  • Military Socks – essential kit for warmth and comfort
  • Military Webbing System – Carry more kit
  • Sleeping Bags – Warm and comfortable helps sleep and recovery
  • Trouser Elastic Twists – keep trousers away from boots (Essential consumable)

Your group, Senior Officers or fellow Cadets will be able to suggest various different bits of kit that you may need, including suitable equipment for training, camps and Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Expert advice should always be taken on the correct fitting for footwear, clothing, rucksacks and other kit to ensure the appropriate and relevant items are chosen.

Heswall Army and Navy Stores is a family run business in Heswall, Wirral, serving customers across Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales since 1961. Specialists in military clothing, accessories, footwear, workwear, camping and walking equipment, the team can help ensure that you get the right advice and exactly the right products.

If you can’t make it to the store, a full range of Cadet Equipment from Heswall Army and Navy Stores is available on-line HERE.