planning your meals is vital

Whether it's your Bronze, Silver or Gold expedition, Meal planning for your expedition is vital.
It’s important to think about what you’re giving your body each day.
Planning what food to take for your expedition requires some thought.
Must be high in calories, low in weight and still edible after being crammed in a rucksack.


Is the most important meal of the day, and even more so on DofE.
Breakfast will set you up for a morning of walking until your next stop for lunch.
We suggest maybe beans and sausage, all day breakfast, easily cooked all by wayfayrer
If a cooked meal isn’t for you, cereal bars, are a good alternative.
They’re lightweight and contain carbohydrates and sugar for that much-needed energy.


Do you have time for a cooked meal, not really.
Then how about dried fruit, nuts chocolate cereal bars, these are easily stored in your rucksack.


Now is the time to refuel yourself with calories ready for the next day.
How about cooking in a group?
You can pre-plan who cooks, washes up, etc.
Decide before you start by choosing your meals, we stock a good selection of wayfayrer meals.
These are easy to cook, nutritious, tasty and cooked in a few minutes.
Choose from, all day breakfast, chili, beans and burgers, chicken curry, meatballs, sticky toffee pudding and many more.
Why not take some sachets of hot chocolate, tasty, warming and delicious.


Snacks are great to give you short energy bursts during the day.
Nuts, sweets, cereal bars, Kendal mint cake - they are ideal to eat without having to stop walking.
...and they’re handy enough to pop in your pocket for easy access!


Although extremely unlikely, you need to be prepared if there is an emergency.
When on your expedition. Chocolate bars, cup-a-soup, Kendal mint cake or other snacks are good rations.
They’ll give a good energy boost in unforeseen circumstances.
It’s important to note, they should be uneaten at the end of your expedition unless you’ve experienced an emergency.

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